Nancy Berodyn

Founder and company president, Nancy Berodyn, M.A.Ed., is the creator of all SnapBack Phonics instruction. She is an award-winning, experienced educator with a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Administration, Supervision, Curriculum Planning, and Instruction. Among other accolades, Nancy earned the title of “Teacher of the Year” 2008-2009 and is listed in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers, 10th Edition, Vol. I, 2006. She has educated thousands of kindergarten through fifth-grade students in general education inclusionary classrooms as well as small group settings. In the words of administrators who have observed her instructional expertise, “Mrs. Berodyn takes her students on a journey of excitement and exploration” (Nulle, 2013), and “the achievement level of her students is very high” (Yennella, 2004). She has witnessed how SnapBack Phonics strategies have helped countless students learn to read and overcome difficulties. Nancy’s mission is to accelerate reading capabilities among beginning readers nationwide and to empower children of various learning styles and ability levels with strategies for success!

Poor Readers: Problems and Promising News

Poor Readers: Problems and Promising News Experts reveal that individuals with significant reading problems have basic deficiencies in storing and retrieving sounds (Vellutino and Scanlon, 1986). Leading investigators (Ackerman, Dykman, and Gardner, 1990; Jorm and Share, 1983; Sheperd and Uhry, 1993; Stanovich, 1985) further assert that the inability to store or retrieve phonological codes may …

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Why Focus on Phonics?

Why Focus on Phonics? Because leading experts have found that the majority of children with reading disabilities have impaired phonological sensitivity. As the problems encountered by disabled students are similar to those with remedial needs, this means that a large number of both populations have difficulty understanding and making use of sound-symbol relationships. Experts insist …

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