SnapBack Phonics

Module One: Consonant and Short Vowel Sounds

SnapBack Phonics Module One: Consonants and Short Vowel Sounds provides teachers and
parents with highly engaging, strategic videos and lesson plans for teaching letter sounds and
early word reading skills. It aims to empower learners with multisensory and mnemonic
strategies to maximize success. SnapBack Phonics is well loved for its exciting, effective format
and powerful memory aids. Lessons are based on extensive research and leading expert
recommendations for children with various learning styles and ability levels. SnapBack Phonics
Module One lessons can take as little as 7-10 minutes per day of instructional time, depending
upon learner or classroom needs and availability of time. Letter lessons can be taught in any
order to increase opportunities for children to transfer skills to other language arts resources or
programs. Specific objectives are to increase learner skills in: letter sound association for
consonants and short vowels, letter sound recall for consonants and short vowels, and blending
sounds to form one syllable words with short vowels.

The SnapBack Phonics Module One Teacher Version and SnapBack Phonics Special Edition for Parents and Tutors include:

  • 52 captivating videos to be used with SnapBack Phonics lessons
  • Objectives that are aligned to Common Core State Standards
  • Exciting lesson procedures that correlate to SnapBack Phonics Videos
  • Activity options to meet specific needs
  • Printable SnapBack Phonics Essential Flashcards
  • Printable Embedded Letter Sound Pictures
  • SnapBack Phonics Pre and Post Tests

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1 year of access

The SnapBack Phonics Module One Teacher Version is for use in general education and remedial classrooms. It can be modified for use in English Language Learner classes as well.

Parents and Tutors

1 year of access

SnapBack Phonics Module One Special Edition for Parents and Tutors is available for private or home school settings.

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