About the Program

SnapBack Phonics is available online for classroom, virtual, private or homeschool models of instruction. It is a multisensory and mnemonic phonetic skills program that aims to empower early readers with specialized strategies for maximum success. Lessons are based on extensive research and leading expert recommendations for children with various learning styles, processing needs, and ability levels. Program objectives are to increase student skills in letter sound association, letter sound recall, and blending sounds to form words. SnapBack Phonics Pilot Study data reveals substantial overall student gains in these areas.*

SnapBack Phonics can be used alone or infused into existing prekindergarten to 2nd grade level reading programs. It delivers 52 highly engaging mini lesson videos for direct presentation to students. Lessons are correlated to them and include exciting hands-on activities and downloadable materials that are quick, easy to implement, and designed to maximize effectiveness. Additionally, the program has a flexible format to increase the likelihood of success when students are required to transfer skills from one context to the next. Educators simply select lessons that correlate to language arts resources on a regular basis. SnapBack Phonics is based on the principles of Universal Design, providing best practice, research based instruction for a variety of learners. It is for use in general education, remedial classrooms, and private settings.

SnapBack Phonics instruction can take as little as 7-10 minutes per day. Additional time is dependent upon optional methods or activity selections. Lessons include the following procedures:

  1. Follow the SnapBack Phonics Essential Flashcards directions to provide a review of skills taught previously.
  2. Present a Day One or Day Two SnapBack Phonics Letter Sound Video, monitoring student performance throughout. Engage students in the brief process described at the end of the video. (Videos are less than 3 minutes long.)
  3. OPTIONAL: Select from SnapBack Phonics Suggested Activities or Additional Ideas for Essential Flashcards to provide additional multisensory practice according to learner needs and availability of time.

* For a complete copy of the SnapBack Phonics Pilot Study, contact us at info@snapbackphonics.com

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