"My daughter is progressing in leaps and bounds!"
- Benjamin L. (Parent)

For Classroom, Virtual, Private, and Homeschool Instruction Models


SnapBack Phonics offers unique and vivid memory aids. Alphabet illustrations are embedded into letters and selected for their similar shape, allowing students to recall them in a “snap”.


We offer visual, auditory, tactile, and hands-on instruction for students with various learning styles and abilities.


SnapBack Phonics offers metacognitive training, enabling students to develop an internal dialogue for effective use of strategies.

Module One:

Consonants and Short Vowel Sounds

  • 52 mini lesson videos for direct student presentation
  • Downloadable materials and multisensory activities
  • Flexible sequence and minimal implementation time
  • Proven to significantly increase skills in:
    • Letter sound association
    • Letter sound recall
    • Blending sounds to decode one syllable words

Some Testimonials

The teachers are loving the experience.
Mrs. Patricia Cody
My students have made a tremendous amount of growth!
Mrs. Jennifer Cannon
English Language Development Teacher
We love your program and the kids do as well!
Mrs. Marisa Messina
Kindergarten Teacher
This program is fabulous!
Mrs. Alexa Angelitis
Grade One Teacher
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Introduction and Training Video

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