The SnapBack Advantage

There are several major advantages to the SnapBack Phonics approach.

First, it offers an affordable means of providing highly specialized instruction to empower beginning readers with various learning styles and ability levels.

Second, this highly effective program requires a minimal amount of time to implement. SnapBack Phonics instruction can take as little as 7 minutes per day: Additional time is dependent upon the needs of students and specific reinforcement options chosen by instructors.

Third, the program is user friendly. Highly engaging mini-lesson videos can be presented directly to students. These correlate to lesson activities that are easy to implement and designed to maximize success.

Fourth, in addition to the provision of strategies that leading experts deem best practice for most learners and essential for those who struggle, SnapBack Phonics offers unique and vivid memory aids to help children keep up with today’s fast-paced, demanding curriculums.

Fifth, this program offers a flexible format that allows instructors to select lessons that correlate to reading or spelling resources (or to other teachers) on a daily basis. This provides learners with greater opportunities to transfer and retain skills.

It is no surprise that all teachers involved in the pilot study of this program “highly recommend” SnapBack Phonics!

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